JUDY TEAGARDEN has been in the swimming pool business since 1979.  She retired from the VA Medical Center in Marion, Indiana.  Since that time her pool business has had tremendous growth.  

Because of her low overhead, she is able to sell high-quality merchandise for less.  She also works with the finest above-ground pool builders in the area.  One of her selling points is the main drains that are installed, allowing for easy maintenance.  

The maintenance of the pools is very low, approximately 10-20 minutes per week.  She makes sure the pools are equipped with large filters, powerful pumps, and durable bottom liners.  The chemical cost is also very low. Ask Judy what the current season will cost.

Judy also sells spas – and they are priced much less than other dealers. 

Give her a call or email today and be very pleasantly surprised!

Business Phone: 765-674-3461

Cell Phone: 765-603-7859 (best contact)  

Address: 1002 West 9th Street
Jonesboro, Indiana 46938

E-mail: judyspool@gmail.com